Hi Im Nikole im 22 years old and ive had problems with irregular periods since i was 14 but my doctors always just try to put me on BC and it never worked so i started seeing womens specialist and last weel after 6 months of “feeling my insides are falling out” abdominal pain,

getting my periods every 3 months or soo and weight gain Finally i was getting a ultra sound and a Dr found Cysts and all she told me is to take Ortheevra to regulate my periods and excerise and Ive always excerised to maintained weight and now i feel so hopeless,

Ive been with my bf for 6 years and ive always wondered why we have never had a “accedent” and now im scared i will have trouble having kids also i contontly feel bloated and fatique!!! I just dont knwo what to do or how to come abotu this, or what herbal natural things i can do to help.

If anyone out there can help me i dont know where else to go or who to go to!!! Thanks God Bless

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