Hi Everyone,

I’m new to the forum but I’ve got the same problem. I also just need somewhere to vent my frustrationand anger and hopefully learn something new or even get a solution to solve my dilema.

At 24, got pregnant and had a D&C because no heartbeat (Last year I learnt this was a missed miscarriage)

At 27 I was diagnosed with PCOS in August of 2007, luckily I got pregnant in September 2007 on Metoformin, ( I soon stopped the metformin when I learned I was pregnant) I carried my daughter until 34 weeks. On may 1st 08 I had an emergency C-section due to low birth weight from IUGR and Preclampsia.

She died 8 days after on may 8th 2008. I was not told the reason for her low birth rate or what was wrong until after her death all I knew was I had a sky high blood pressure. I did my own research and consulted with other doctors. My doc at the time did not even realise anything was wrong with her except when i mentioned that she stopped kicking as she usually and regularly did.

At 28 in July 2008 I again got pregnant, this pregnancy again ended in no heartbeat at 7 wks, however, this time around I was on low-dosage aspirin and folic acid but no metformin. Here is when I learnt the term missed miscarriage.

After numerous consultations, blood work to check for blood clotting (which came back good) I again got pregnant in Feb this yr. This time around I was on 1500mg met, 1 baby aspirin, folic acid, 2 aldomet and pre-natal vitamins, and was told my chances were excellent because I was doing all the right things and it looked like it was working out because after bleeding at 6wks I went in for an ultrasound and there was aheartbeat, 1 wk later at my routine checkup and my Dr. could not see anything but said her machine was giving problems so try again in 10 days, tried again and AGAIN, no baby just a sac.

Hence my frustration because I am being told at least I can get pregnant easily its just to hope that eventually I will last the entire 30-40 wks pregnant and have a healthy baby. I am 29 with C section scars, 2 D&C’s 1 very painful experience of passing the fetus with the assistance of medication and no baby. All this fear frustration and depression is taking a serious toll on me.

I am wondering if to just give up and adopt or something I am so confused. I keep praying but in the back of my mind I am asking WHY? In the meantime I think I’ll just concentrate on losing weight and building my career because it seems putting all these things on hold to have a baby has proved effortless.

Any help you guys can give me would be so appreciated

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