Hi, I haven’t really been on this site very long but I have read so many different stories that I thought I’d share mine… especially since it just took a crazy turn!

I was finally dx with PCOS in July 2009 after suspecting it for a few months. I don’t have a lot of the traditional symptoms, but when my skin starting breaking out, it was actually my dermatologist that first suggested it. I had been on bcps since I was 24 so I think a lot of my symptoms had been masked?

Looking back, my periods had always been extremely regular – I had never missed even one since I started getting my period at 12. But I thought it was normal to have VERY heavy periods and nausea and cramps and diarrhea for up to 10 days every month! At 24, I finally started bcps to help with my “PMS” symptoms.

When I was about 29, my periods were still bad so on the advice of my doc, I started taking 3 pill packs in a row to limit my periods to only 4 per year. About 6 months into that, I started having a LOT of digestive problems.

Eventually, after many tests, misdiagnosis, and frustration over 2-1/2 years, I was dx with IBS. I suspected that my hormones had something to do with my IBS so at 32, I went off bcps to let my body regulate itself… or so I thought. I think I had 2 periods in the year that followed. Coincidentally, we also discovered that I had an underactive thyroid.

So now, at 33, about a year after stopping bcps, we were realizing that since I didn’t have periods, I was probably not ovulating, and our decision about TTC was going to require a lot more action on our parts. My dh and I had always planned to not plan on when to TTC, figuring that it would just happen. In July, I took Provera since it had been 7 months since my last period. I was hoping that it would “jumpstart” my body and I would go back to getting regular periods.

But I never got another period. And, what seemed worse, was that my hormones seemed out of control, and my thyroid seemed worse since I was so tired all the time, and I was so nauseous was my IBS becoming a big problem again???

Well, I found out yesterday that I am pregnant! That might have seemed obvious to a lot of people but after 3 years of nausea and tiredness, it really didn’t seem that out of the norm for me! I guess the Provera really did jumpstart something? Turns out that I may even be 9 weeks already!

Anyway, I just thought I’d share this story… especially since my dh won’t let me tell anyone else yet! Thanks for reading this!

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