I was diagnosed with PCOS 7 yrs ago, I have been trying to concieve a baby unsuccessfully throughout this time. The meds I was prescribed were diaformin and chlomid, I took them for over one yr however they never did anything for me… not even a hormone change!

This past yr I decided to make a change in my lifestyle; quit smoking, started eating properly and lost 30 kilos. last month I decided to give diaformin and chlomid another go (only for 3 months then it is IVF for me) I finished my first round of meds 1 week ago, I had an ultrasound on friday and for the first time my right ovary has a follicle that is measuring around 25mm!!!!! it was about 2cm away from the fallopian tube which is even more exciting my follicles have never grown more then 5-8mm over the past 7 yrs so you can just imagine my excitement!

I will not find out if i actually ovulated or not and whether I concieve from the egg for another 2 weeks, either way though I now have a glimmer of hope which is something I lost long ago.

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