Wow. I had a huge post about my story. It made me cry while writing it. And it took so long that I was apparently logged out, and I lost it all. Oh well, here’s the “highlights”.

Anyhow, hi! I am brand new here, but not new to PCOS.

I was diagnosed when I was about 20, in 1993, when there was little info at all on it. All that I got out of it was the diagnosis and a prescription for birth control pills to deal with the infrequent periods. When I started seeing my current primary care doctor in 2002, I mentioned that I had it and he didn’t really make much comment at all.

I’m now 34, and I’ve finally learned a whole hell of a lot this past year. I’m SICK of the obesity, high cholesterol, skin tags, dark spots, hair on chin, tiredness, etc. Diet and exercise alone just aren’t working well for me, and I wanted to try one of the drugs that help deal with the possible root problem of insulin resistance — I was thinking metformin in particular at the time.

I brought this up to my doctor, and he just didn’t seem to get it. My husband, who was in the examining room at the time, got the same vibes from the doctor. But Dr. did say he’d have my blood drawn right there to test for insulin antibodies.

Got the call today that my insulin antibodies are normal! So he won’t let me try any of the variety of insulin-related drugs. And yet, I’ve learned today that a simple blood test is NOT always going to work in diagnosing this problem, and fitting in with about 70-90% of the various symptoms that indicate IR suggests that’s the case for me.

I am sick of dealing with this old man who just Doesn’t Get It. I’d love to see an endocrinologist who does, but insurance says I need to get a referral from the primary care physician. So now it’s time to find a PCP in the metro Detroit area who actually might have a clue about PCOS, or at least be willing to not make me feel like he’s blowing me off when I know more about the syndrome than he does. And I haven’t the foggiest where to even start on that.


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