Embarrassed About PCOS

Im 20 and i got diagnosed in july this year, and ever since then ive been going to the doctor every 2 weeks. Just about more and more stuff that im sick of.

I feel embarassed to even have this. and i feel like its not a good enough reason to be sad about it. But i am. i dont tell anyone, but really, im sad that this is the reason i have been overweight since i was 14!

Its the reason i was teased and looked down upon, and always felt disgusting and the odd one out at a private catholic school. and even that there is a possibility that i may not be able to have children scares me. i never thought that could be. PCOS sucks.

And im even embarassed that i have to get my thoughts out on the internet, and not in reality. so dumb. but really i think i can get through it. I suppose it will take time. and i cant change what it has already done. anyway there is my little vent.

feels better

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