Hi, I’m new here and just have to say how glad I am to have found this place.

I was simply told I had PCOS over a year ago, right after a large growth was removed from my right ovary (this was after a difficult ectopic pregnancy). My gynocologist told me simply “You have PCOS, but don’t worry about it” so I didn’t.

Then I had to have another surgery to remove a dermoid, a huge 1 pound tumour attached to my right ovary. My ovary was so damaged, it had to go. I also had endometriosis that was fixed while I was out.

I always figured PCOS was why I was having problems in my girly regions, but never understood it, much less had it explained to me. I never knew there was a treatment, I never knew it was HORMONAL. This would explain the belly fat that will not go away, the facial hair I’ve dealt with since I was 15 (I am now 22), the depression and weird sex drive.

I’ve made an appointment to see my doctor and demand a talk about Metformin, which looks like a wonderful option that I’d like to explore.

I’m on the verge of tears, frustrated that my facial hair was waved away as “a family thing”, and the stubborn belly fat just “scar tissue from surgery.” My sex drive sucks. I’m 22 and have no want for sex unless it randomly hits me like a 2 ton car. I’m just…agh!

My name’s Becca and that was just me having to share my story and just wonder how I went so long without just getting online and researching PCOS, like I have been for the past 3 hours.

Thanks for listening

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