I just typed in google tonite vaginal discharge falling in the toilet while urinating and this site came up. I have had this the past two years. I have never missed a period unless I was pregnant. Reading the other responses, I have thick hair, hair on nipples, chin, neck, thin mustache. I am 130 pounds and it seems like Im the opposite of most people with pcos.

I am not overweight, very fertile, but yet I have acne, excessive hair growth and I’m portrayed as looking more on the boyish side because of this. I have an athletic shape and really can’t gain much weight with a fast metabolism. I have no insurance and have never been tested for this. Yet, a pap smear I had earlier this year is ok but my doctor said I have a hardening on my cervix. She was a nurse practioner at my school Rutgers and referred me to see an ob/gyn. I’m not sure the next time I will see a ob/gyn.

What helps to get rid of the constant discharge droppings while urinating is that I use a Kegel master which excretes discharge causing it to be less gooky and also I use the Kegel Master because I have vaginally delivered all three of my boys and try to increase muscle tone in the vaginal area.

Any advice as if I have PCOS or is it some other horomonal dysfunction? Also any supplements I should be taking to control these symptoms. Please help because I know that there is something wrong but cant pin point what it may be.

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