My Story!

I too, like most of you, started my cycle at a early age!(11yrs) I started “developing” early and was so tiny and boney but….when I hit puberty, I blew up. My hormones went on overload! I started having irregular cycles when I was 17. I, of course, was too embarassed to tell my mom but one day we both were in separate locations and saw program on tv about PCOS. We made an appt to see a gyno.

We told him about PCOS and wanted to know what he thought, but nothing else was discussed. My prolactin was high and he ordered a MRI to see if maybe a had tumor on the pitutary gland. He had us all freaked out, but no results. He sent me to a RE and she diagnosed me with hyprolactinemia. This was just telling me that my body produces too much prolactin, which is the hormone that produces milk for the baby, so my body thinks its pregnant all the time.

She prescribed ortho bcp because of the acne on my body and to regulate the cycle, aldactone, and bromocriptine. She basically told me that I would have to take meds for the rest of my life, but I would be able to have kids with help.

I was young and was started to enjoy my life as an adult and stopped taking my meds when I was about 21! I had irregular cycles without bc for about 2 years, but stopped cycles all together. I was planning my wedding when I started having blurred vision. Diabetes is in my family, so I schedule an appt. I was told to regulate my diet and I could control my insulin level. I did that for about 3 months and lost about 10 lbs before the wedding. I fell of the wagon after my wedding and I have been extremely stressed with work.

I am now 28 and my husband and I have had unprotected sex for 5 1/2 years. We are not TTC but did not prevent it either. Throughout this time I have not had one cycle. My new years resolution was to be stress free with work and life. I was making plans to see a RE after the first of the year.

I was ready to take control of my health and out of the blue I had a cycle in Dec. It started when my cycles normally, if you coulc say normally. Anyways, It lasted 3 days at heavy, which again was normal, but then I really didn’t stop for a few days after that. I would call it spotting.

So I was happy that I finally had a cycle on my own. Well I did my research and found a specialist that handles PCOS. My appt was schedule for Monday, but then I started my cycle on Saturday. So now this is my 2nd cycle out of the blue since 5 1/2 years ago.

I went to my appt and he is concerned that since I have not had any cycles for this long that my lining of my uterus is thick and can be cancerous. Has any of you heard of this? I’m not saying that he is wrong, but just wanted to see if anyone else was in my situation. I know that since I have neglected my health, I am to blame, but I am ready to take responsibility.

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