Hi my names jessica.

I was diagnosed with pcos about four months ago.I’m 26 years old and my husband is 32 and has nothing wrong with him fertility wise.four months ago I started on metformin low dosage 500 mg then eventually went up to 1500 mg never had any issues with it.

Went on 50 mg of clomid responded nicely had 2 follicles I think they were 17 mm. That cycle I didn’t get pregnant moved on to the next cycle was on the same 50 mg of clomid and 1500 mg of metformin my ovaries did not respond to clomid so cancelled that cycle. Moved. To next cycle but couldn’t had a giant cycst on right ovary so was off for the next two cycles. ,ow this cycle I started 50 iu of follistim.

I started on day 3 of my cycle to cycle day 9 and on cycle day 10 which is this friday sept 30th I got in for an ultra sound! Very excited but don’t know what to expect. For anyone else how long did it take to ovulate on follistim before doing a trigger shot,Thanks much jess

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