Just found this site, always on the net trying to find solutions to my, what seems to be, never ending battle with my weight, PCOS & TTC.

I am currently trying to loose weight again in an attempt to finally get pregnant after 9 years of TTC , we’ve tried everything else, IVF, IO, Ovarian drilling, clomaphine, metformin, Adoption, previous weight loss, you name it we have done it!! We have a son, thankfully, who is almost 11, he’s the reason I am still sane, but would dearly love to have another.

I work in Early Childhood education & absolutely love kids.

I’m 35 this year & have decided that this year is the end of the journey for me. I have about 18kg left to loose, have lost 5kg in the last 2 weeks thanks to my new best friend Reductil, I know there’s alot of bad press about this stuff but I can tell you it’s been a miracle for me, not just for the weight loss but for my renewed energy as well. I will keep posting with my progress & hope that this year is my year!!

(Please send me your good vibes, they would be greatly appreciated!!)

Want to connect with me? My name is Cysta Shell on the SoulCysters Message Board.