A Mystery PCOS Diagnosis

Hello there,

I’m 36 and was diagnosed with PCOS in 1999 by an awesome Dr in Milwaukee. Then I moved to Madison that same year and had to reestablish care, where I went through a series of Dr’s that undiagnosed me, re-diagnosed me, diagnosed me as a possible “maybe you have it, but you shouldn’t really be that concerned if you do or don’t” where after 7 years of complete and utter frustration, decided that I will just assume I don’t have PCOS.

Currently however, after a very challenging (and rigorous) battle with losing weight (20lbs) and eating healthy this past year, I found out last week that ALL my good cholesterol went down and all my bad cholesterol WENT UP! So then my new Dr ordered a 2 hour glucose test and I am currently waiting on the results. I have since changed healthcare systems again (but for the better) and really trust my current Dr, and she knows my level of frustration regarding this issue, as I had made it QUITE clear. She said this time rather than revisit all the PCOS testing again, we’ll start with the symptoms and go from there. Number one being my insulin levels. Then the cholesterol.

I’m not interested in having children which is another reason my previous Dr’s told me “not to worry about it one way or another”, though I was, and remain, about 60LBS overweight, have high blood pressure, acne, facial hair, depression and severe anxiety attacks, have had a history of irregular periods (along with incredibly painful ones).

But with all of that, I investigated acupuncture and Chinese medicine about 3 years ago, because I was seriously at my wits end. And to a large degree has helped a ton!

I was on the low carb diet for a while and then my cholesterol went up at that time, but Im not opposed to going on it again. Depending on how the insulin tests go, she is not opposed to putting me on Metformin (like my other Dr’s were) which is cool.

I just needed a place to vent because Im so fed up with having to figure out which piece (or pieces) of information to give Dr’s so that they will want to investigate further—in case this is something that is important. I already come from a long line of family members that have heart problems, and thought I was thwarting that same fate by substituting soy for redmeat and dairy, exercising, cutting calories and making other healthy choices. Its such a bummer to work really hard at it all, and end up getting worse, rather than better. Growl.

Thank you for reading. I have been reading so many similar stories here and though its sad to read that others are having a frustrating time with it all, its so wonderful that this community is here, knowing I am not alone.

Thank you so much!

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