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Meet the Founder

Welcome to Soul Cysters!

Former CNN Medical anchor Kat Carney is the spark of inspiration behind Soul Cysters — the #1 online community for women looking to move beyond PCOS in their own personal way.

From humble beginnings in 1998, to the present day where we’re the largest online community for women with PCOS, Kat has been the driving force behind everything we do. Her passion, purpose and compassion has opened doors and shined a light on what a PCOS diagnosis really means and why it should never have the power to misdirect you towards a negative mindset.

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We’re always by your side!

Our goal is to show you that when PCOS enters your life, it’s only the beginning of your next chapter. This is a journey that we will walk by your side, allowing you to break free from the anxiety, worry and uncertainty that too many women struggle with.

 We don’t want to push you in a certain direction, or try and force you into a cookie cutter approach — we know you’re a true individual at heart. What works wonders for one woman can make things worse for another. We exist to bridge the gaps, pull back the curtain and shine a light on what’s really going on. Whenever you feel lost or in need of guidance, there’s always a Soul Cyster walking with you.

Our Values

We believe that when we all come together, real change happens for every Soul Cyster.


"Finding new ways for women to process the signals their bodies give off has never mattered more."

We strive to bring you into a better space by being kind, caring and compassionate at every stage. It’s why we focus on providing simple answers to complex questions so we can point you in the direction that will make all the difference.

Your future awaits…

Find new direction, hope and purpose and never look back

As a former CNN Medical anchor, Kat Carney believes that anything is possible in life when you arm yourself with facts and insights. They’re what allow you to discover new perspectives and connect with new ideas, all while stepping forward into yourself and living the life you deserve.

 Our vision is to unite you with the thoughts and ideas of leading experts and PCOS voices so you are educated and empowered like never before. It’s a journey that may sound daunting, but it’s a journey you’ll walk with thousands of inspirational women just like you.

YOU can be YOUR change

Taking action sets you free in your own personal way.

Our resources, guides and insights are designed to set you free in a way that connects with every part of who you are. Explore them and curate them in your own way and you’ll have a personal resource bank you can refer back to as you lift the stress and mystery of a life with PCOS. Along the way, you’ll discover who YOU can really be when you free yourself to think positively about life again.


Watch & Listen

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Engage with expert voices and authentic experiences as you discover what it really means to move beyond your PCOS symptoms.



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Turn food into your biggest ally as you reclaim your sense of self and move beyond your PCOS symptoms in your own authentic way.



PCOS Lifestyle Community

Make connections with women who are walking the same path so you can share, support and motivate as one.