I started my cycle when I was 10. As a teen, I would often skip my period months at a time. It was around 2003 or so that I went to the obgyn because I was having cycles where I would bleed for 3 weeks at a time and be off for one. He said I probably had pcos, did an internal ultrasound and discovered a bunch of cysts. He told me to lose weight, and put me on bcp’s.

Fast forward a few years to 2008 (first time in my life I had med insurance). I started seeing a different obgyn. Again with the internal ultrasound, discovery of cysts and the bcp’s. Not an issue for me because, while I wanted kids, I wasn’t ready to actually start trying.

So in 2009 I go in for my yearly and ask what we would do when I wanted to start TTC. He said he wanted me to try the natural way first. I didn’t think much of it, he’s the doc, right?

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So, I stay on the pill. Keep in mind, no other symptoms besides the cysts and odd periods are ever discussed.

I was married 10/2010. I went off the pill in Nov and cycled regularly in Dec and Jan. I’ve missed my last 2 cycles. Near the end of last year, I went to my primary doc because of pain on my lower right side. Ended up doing a CT and found out I have a fatty liver (still have pain there btw).

In that process, they had done blood work and found my blood sugar to be slightly elevated and did umm 2 blood glucose tests which came back fine. I then read that I should have had a insulin resistance test done?!

A couple of weeks ago, I went into the primary 99% sure I had a UTI. Nope. Urine and blood tests all came back fine. And, that was that… despite the fact that I still have the symptoms and have now apparently developed urinary incontinence (stress I think… seems to occur when I cough, etc).

Last week I went in to talk to the obgyn about the pcos and saw the nurse. I’ve been reading quite a bit on pcos and am confused as to how people are on all these meds for these things and my doc isn’t offering any help, not even recommendations for specialists who actually deal with pcos.

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So anyway, we talk and one of the first thing she says is, “Insurance won’t cover infertility”. True, but it will cover pcos and those issues. There is no active concern as to me not cycling for 2 months and when I asked her what to do if I wind up on that 3 weeks on, 1 week off cycle again she said, “If you miss your cycle, count back 14 days and if you had sex that day, you could be pregnant.” WHAT?!! I didn’t even ask that question.

So, after some research I found a reproductive specialist doc who I have a phone consult with April 8th. We’ll see how that goes and if it doesn’t work out, I have other docs lined up to check out.

I just don’t understand how to work with any of this stuff. I am so depressed and anxious all the time and need a starting point to get this manageable. I constantly feel like I’m letting myself and my husband down.

I’m sorry for the long post, I need the “cleanse”.

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