hi there,

iam 16 and just been diagnosed with pcos, the thing is, i am very skinny, underweight, 47kg n m height’s 5’2″, dont have acne, no pimples, no facial hair, actually i didnt get my periods for like 3 months, went to doc, had an ultrasound, my ovaries had a netvolume of 15ml, fsh 3.11iu, Lh11iu, startd surfin internet, kept cryin m eyes out, had a feelin lyk everybdy is sayin CONGRATULATIONS U HAVE PCOS!! you cant have kids, u’ll grow facial hair, turn into some ugly eyesore!!!! cant help crying, doc gave me glucophage 500, and norethisteroneBP 5mg tabs, its been a week iam taking tabs but still havent got my periods, my biggest fear is that i’ll grow hair on my face, n dry patches have started appearing on my face.

i feel lyk i hate this world, i swear im goin 2 commit suicide if a single hair appeared on my face.

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