Any Advice For A Normal-Weight Anovulatory Cyster w/ History Of Weight Fluctuations?

Hi ladies, so I’m 5’1″ (155 cm) and for the past 6 or so years my weight has been fairly constant, in the normal range: it fluctuates anywhere between 110 and 120 lbs, so my BMI is in the normal range (22 or so). However, throughout my teenage years and early 20s I had major weight fluctuations & eating issues: I was always a chubby kid, then basically starved myself for a couple years between the ages of 13-15 (to a weight that was WAAAY too low for my big-boned frame). Then my weight ballooned toward the end of high school and the first couple years of college (I was nearly 140 lbs. at one point).

It was around this time that my PCOS was diagnosed: the red flag at a routine Dr’s visit was my hirsutism… at which point I embarrassedly mentioned that my periods had been few and far between ever since I started getting them at the age of 12 (it was not uncommon for me to go four or five months – even over a year, without getting AF). Went to an encocrinologist, blood tests confirmed the PCOS, and so I was put on the BCP at age 17 and pretty much took it continuously for the next 14 years. An U/S 5 years later confirmed that I had the typical string of pearls around showing on my micro-polycystic ovaries.

When I was 20-21 y.o. I became borderline anorexic & lost a bunch of weight again (99 lbs at my lowest) …. this was again followed by a period of excessive weight gain, but finally in my mid-20s, I got into a better place with my eating habits and my body image and have since been able to stay within a pretty healthy weight range, which I maintain through moderate excercise, a normal diet (I don’t deprive myself of anything, but try not to overdo the carbs), and just a bit of self-discipline to avoid succumbing to my sweet tooth & my urge to turn to comfort foods or to binge on carbs/ sugar in times of high stress.

Never had any problems on the pill – would get my periods like clockwork, only had breakthrough bleeding a couple times in all these years. It helped my acne a lot… as for the hirsutism, I dealt with that a few years ago with laser hair removal treatments. But, not surprisingly, on the few occassions I tried to go off the BCP, just to give my body a break – surprise- no AF for months and months… and acne/ hirsutism would get worse.

Finally, in August of 2009, after a year of marriage, I decided to definitely go off of the pill and see what happened. I was really REALLY hoping that the past several years of improved eating habits would lessen the symptoms of my PCOS … and that I would somehow ovulate on my own. (delusional optimism??!!)

Now, 4.5 months later, after charting my BBT & checking my CM for over 140 days, and trying all sorts of things like DCI, still no AF. My new RE put me on Duphaston, which I started yesterday to kick start AF. U/S showed that my endometrial lining was normal, and that my largest follicle was 7 (compared to the usual 20 mm at maturation). NOT reassuring.

I’m not in a mad rush to get pregnant and so I’m trying to deal with things the least invasively as possible for the next few months (e.g. do tests to see if my anovulation might be due to IR, and if so, maybe try to get my cycles back through metformin alone before trying Clomid, injectables, or anything else more drastic)… My RE is supportive of my preferences.

Once I get AF this month, she’s prescribed 2 sets of blood tests – the first to test my reproductive hormones, and the second to test my insulin & blood sugar. The next steps she has suggested are 1) a PCT (post-coital test) ; and then 2) an HSG (hysterosalpigram – or whatever).

Of course, there was no time for me to get into all of the crazy details about my past during my appt with the RE. But I really feel like I put my body through hell with all of my weight fluctuations and carb-binges in the past, especially in early puberty at a time when my hormones were already out of whack – and I’m worried I might have done some irreparable damage somehow….

So, I was wondering if there’s anyone out there with a similar profile to mine who has had similar experiences, how you have dealt with it, what medical advice you’ve gotten, and any other recommendations you might have. For instance….

1) Are there any cysters out there who are in a normal weight range (not obese, but not rail thin either) and yet “apple-shaped” – i.e. somewhat big-breasted, small hips, & with the majority of their fat located around their abdominal area?
2) Are there any cysters with a history of eating disorders or major weight fluctuations, esp. around puberty?
3) Are there any cysters who have MAJOR sweet cravings and yet don’t appear to be IR – e.g. with normal fasting glucose?
4) Any cysters with “micro”- polycystic ovaries as shown on an U/S – i.e. no follicles larger than 7-8 mm?
5) Any normal-weight cysters who don’t ovulate regularly, or, as it seems in my case, NEVER? What’s the longest you’ve gone without AF? How have you responded to Met or Clomid?? Could you conceive through timed intercourse or did you have to do IUI or IVF?

This is a ridiculously long post, so thanks for bearing with me. I look forward to reading your responses!!

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