Hello ladies!

Mandy here… 36, facial hair, over weight, TTC since May 06′ Sound familiar?

I first heard the term “polycystic ovaries in 1990…

I was 18. I had gone a year and a half without a period and after finally telling my Mom, she took me to the Dr who scared me to death telling me I would never get pregnant or that I would have to take medications and would probably have twins or triplets. Who does that to an 18 year old girl?

So, after 18 years of denial and being untrue to myself, and being fatter than I ever have, I finally went back to the Dr.

Had the bloodwork done, and an ultrasound, and after the results came back, this amazing Dr. I had gone to called me at home to get the number for my pharmacy because she “wanted to put me on metformin like yesterday”… that’s exactly what she said.

So, I am on day 4 of metformin 500 mg / day.

I bump up to 1000 mg next week. Yes, I have had some side effects. I am also taking Chantix for smoking cessation…

that causes nausea also. However, the long term for me is so much more important than a few days of discomfort.

I am eating a low fat, low cal diet, and exercising at least 4 times a week. Since Jan. 6th, I haven’t smoked and have lost 13 pounds!

This site has been a great information resource, and an added inspiration. Keep up the good work ladies… I am convinced this condition can be managed and that I will successfully concieve this year.

Lots of love,

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