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The Podcast

The PCOS REPORT w/ Kat Carney

Listen in as host Kat Carney talks to world-renowned PCOS researchers and experts as they explore all things PCOS: diet, exercise, hormones, genetics, diagnosis, and so much more.


A voice for women just like you

The PCOS Report w/ Kat Carney brings you authentic voices, unique insights and inspirational stories that will support you on your journey. How? After spending a lifetime working as a medical broadcast journalist for the likes of CNN, PBS, Discovery Health Channel and WebMD, she’s able to use her connections to bring the experts directly to YOU.

Our Reviews

Kind words from like-minded women…


“Finding a podcast that finally engages with my PCOS struggle is something I’m truly grateful for!”

– Kristina R.


“Every time I tune in I learn something new that inspires me to keep living life my way!”

– Tonya C.


Kat Carney is the voice of reason that finally made all the pieces fit into place for me!”
– Shontele R.

Meet the host

Hi, I’m Kat Carney

My aim is to bring you conversations and insights with top PCOS experts from around the world so that you’re left with simple explanations to complex issues.  As a former CNN Medical anchor, and SoulCysters founder, I not only know who the top PCOS experts are, but what women like you want to know.

To be a guest on the show, simply record and submit your questions for the experts and I’ll make sure you get the answers your journey needs. When you join a caring community, everything becomes simpler.

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