I was diagnosed with PCOS about two weeks ago.

I had not been TTC as I am a school teacher and was hoping to plan for delivery around the summer months. I have been having pain in my side for almost three years now. I had dozens of tests done only to find nothing. My husband and I decided we were ready to start thinking of starting a family.

I asked that my ovaries be checked out because both of my sisters have PCOS. I had the ultrasound and of course it showed that I had PCOS. My doctor told me that he wanted to schedule a HSG for me after my next menstrual.

I took the test today and discovered that my right tube is blocked. That is the same side I am having the constant pain on. I don’t know where to start next. I am not sure if I should just try to get pregnant and see what happens or take other measures. I have not talked to my doctor yet as he did not perform the HSG. I am not sure how hard it will be for me to get pregnant and what this changes for when I do try to conceive. I should have paid more attention in health class. I am pretty bummed and hoping to hear some stories of people who have had the same diagnosis and were able to conceive.

I am on Metformin right now. This week I move from 500 mg to 1000. I am not sure why I am even on the medicine or how it helps. One thing is certain..the side pain on my right side is still there. Please let me know if you have an advice on this.

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