Hi my name is Ezmieralda and I am a new member of soulcysters from Indonesia.

I’m 28 y.o. and been married for 2 years. I knew that I have PCOS about a year ago when suddenly I was bleeding for more than 2 months. The first 7 doctors that I visited (I had to visit 8 different doctors just to find out what my problem was) couldn’t find what was wrong with me.

Finally, the last doctor told me that I had ectopic pregnancy. It was heart breaking because since I was 16 my obgyn has told me that I would have problems conceiving, so I thought yes finally I got pregnant, but yet I had to let my baby go. Soon after the operation the doctor told me that I have PCOS, which means I might have problem conceiving again.

PCOS is an unpopular topic in Indonesia although like in other parts of the world I think there are many women with these symptoms in this country. And quite unfortunate the culture in Indonesia sees women with infertility problem like an alien. If you can’t get pregnant then you are weird.

I received many discouraging comments that often make me really sad. In addition, I sometimes feel that since I’m the one with the infertility problem, so I am the only one who need to work hard to make myself better. People here don’t understand what PCOS means. They don’t know I work very hard to drop every pound. They simply ask me “why don’t you lose weight, you are getting fatter”.

Finally, I decided to believe that I can control my own body and no one will help me unless I help myself. I have been dieting and exercising regularly for the past 5 months and so far I’ve lost 5 kilos. It doesn’t seem much but at least I feel much more energized and my metabolism seems to be better.

In addition, I regularly take metformin to control my insulin level and I get acupuncture treatment to improve my blood circulation. A naturopath also prescribed me some natural medicines (PABA and Vitex) that helped my menstrual circulation (I don’t buy them anymore because they are bloody expensive in Indonesia). I don’t want to live everyday and thinking why I’m the one who have this problem (My other siblings are very fertile and have babies easily…I am the only one left in the family with no baby).

I also don’t want to desperately think about pregnancy all the time. I decide to deal with this issue one step at a time and for now my objective is to improve my general well being. And if God allows, a child will be a marvellous gift for us. I hope other cysters will stay positive in our fight againts PCOS.

Want to connect with me? My name is Ezmieralda on the SoulCysters Message Board.