[Note: I hope you don’t mind I just didn’t mean to get very detailed with my story // I just wanted to tell how it happened – And I tried to abbreviate as much as I could]

Hi. My name is Ashley. I’m twenty years old and I was DX’d with PCOS on July 27, 2009. I’ve never had a consistent AF ever since I was about fifteen. I’d go two months to six months to even a year or more with out a cycle.

Before I was diagnosed with PCOS I was taking for about a year Yazmin in 2007 to 2008. I was devastated to even find out that I might not have been able to have kids. I’m not obese and I don’t even know who in my family has this condition since they say it‘s genetic.

I started to do much research after I found out about it. I never got back on BCP because I really didn’t see the point, but my Gynecologist did give me Medroxyprogestrone to help out with starting me back on my AF [since it had been a year already], then convinced me to get back on my usual BCP.

I had to take that for five or ten days, and I had my AF. [July 14-21]. After that, I do believe she gave me another prescription for that, and my BCP which I was supposed to start on August 14th when my AF was expected. It never showed.

So I shoved it off as being irregular again. Little did I know what was really happening. I got somewhat strangely emotional, and my breasts were sore, and I was tired more but I also disproved that as an effect from the medicine I was taking and I was working a lot more. The day after I found out about me having PCOS, I got the Garadsil shot. They did a urine test and BETA the day before to find out if I was pregnant. Results turned up to be I wasn’t so I was fine to get the shot.

Next two months were fine besides the breast symptom was still in affect, along with that I smoked so at times I had random pain in my abdomen like pencil stabbing from what I believed to be the cysts popping. I started to also spot and was worried why it was so light. I finally got the nerve to go the emergency room to get checked out. This was September 12th of ‘09.

They got a urine sample from me, along with a BETA, and did an US. They found out that I did have cysts on my left ovary, but that’s not all they did find. Apparently I was six weeks and five days PG and I didn’t even know it. I was upset at first, what would my parents think of me or my BF.

But surprisingly they were fine with it. Then got excited. They said the spotting was because I had an infection and they didn’t give me anything but sent me on my way. I had a previous appointment on the 28th of September for the Gyno so I tried to get a earlier date but I couldn’t. I fount out I conceived around when I had found out that I had PCOS. So July 26th or the 27th.

A week later [Sept 17th], I came home from work, my BF was there asleep so I work him up, then I felt this gush. It felt like I pissed myself almost, but not exactly. I hurried to the bathroom and noticed blood on my pantiliner and that wasn’t all.

I was bleeding so bad it was rushing out. I freaked out and started to cry cause I knew what was to come of this. It was all clotted and such and I was basically stuck in the bathroom. I had yelled for my boyfriend to get me the phone and he asked me what’s wrong and I told him I was bleeding.

He must have though it was like regular bleeding. He didn’t see what I had. I called my mom who was with my dad about thirty minutes away from our house, she told me to call nine, one, one and she was going to call our neighbors across the street. After hanging up the phone he asked me if I was okay and I will always remember what I said to him. I yelled “I LOST IT! I LOST THE BABY!” I still feel absolutely horrible for doing that to him till this day.

He was so out of it you really couldn’t tell the emotion in his face. I was in the ambulance when my parents arrived, and he rode with my dad as my mom was in the ambulance with me. They hooked me up to two I.V.s on our way to the hospital. By the time they got me into a room and switched me to another bed, I had bled through my super pad and my boxer shorts. I was still horrified.

They did an US again and said the baby was still there and I haven’t felt any other pain. I was just severely bleeding. The bleeding had died down after being there for a couple of hours and the DR told me I was going through a “threatened miscarriage”.

And asked me if I wanted to be admitted or just go home. Originally, I wanted to go home. He said I had a 50 to 50 chance of the baby staying or leaving, because the part of the lining in my uterus wasn’t strong enough. My mom had convinced me to stay there at the hospital, so they admitted me. As soon as they got me up to my room, I started to cramp and that was the worst feeling ever.

If I could have died, I would died there. I was so devastated and depressed, I cried the whole night. They gave me some medicine to subside the pain [I think it was Demerol] and that helped out. Soon I was getting sleepy and I was planned for a D&C the next day, but I had to go to the bathroom.

Apparently on my way there, I bled out so badly it was a mess. I was getting very nauseated and very dizzy. The nurses came in when I asked my mom to call them and all I remember was sitting on the toilet in there and next thing I know I’m back in the bed sideways. I blacked out which scared the crap out of my mother. I lost so much blood I was super pale then usual and they had tried to find a vein to check my blood count and couldn’t even find one. The poked me four times before finally getting a sample.

After that day, there hasn’t been a moment in my life where I haven’t thought about the baby. I finally find out that I can have a baby and I feel as if it was just taken away from me. Like I’m not allowed. But I’m on the right track on researching about PCOS and how I can try again with help. So I’m not ever going to give up. =] They said I might and I was pregnant. That gives me enough hope.

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