Diagnosed Today With PCOS

Hi! I’m Kati. I’m 29, have a boyfriend of 13 years who is 37, and I have no children. I got off of birthcontrol in October 2008. I was on the pill (and the Depo shot years ago) and for the past few months prior to ending it, my boobs all of a sudden started to hurt so bad, and I wasn’t getting a flow, it had turned to spotting.

So I decided to get it out of my system. For years, I was used to having very predictable periods that were very heavy for 7 straight days, cramping severely on the first day and calming down after that.

November 2008, I didn’t have a period, December I had a PERFECT period, January I was 10 days late and hemmoraging. I went to Planned Parenthood, they told me it was just a heavy period and to track them. My periods from then on out would be either crippling cramps when there’d be no flow or spotting, or no cramps during a light to medium flow. This month, over a year and 2 months later, I told Planned Parenthood that I was spotting during “O”s. And brought a very detailed chart to them, including highlighted days on when we were intimate. They told me to go to a REAL Gynecologist. I thought that was where I WAS going this past 13 years.

So, I went to a real Gynecologist. He listened to me, ordered blood work, I went and did it last week, and today got the news that my thyroid was fine, I was not anemic, but my LH levels were high, therefor he diagnosed me with PCOS. It was heartbreaking watching him write that down in the diagnosis spot.

We aren’t trying to conceive, just if it happened it happened. The doctor recommended that I do the metaformin, since I am type 2 Diabetic. My last HGA1C was 5.3…. I control my sugars with diet and exercise alone. I am extremely active and killing it in the gym and hardly losing any weight, and the past 3 months I have had acne, which I had from the ages of 9 years old [that’s when my period started] til 10th grade.

I am hoping to learn a lot in this group. And am really interested in seeing links to women who have succeeded in weightloss, healthier blood sugars and healthy pregnancies.

Oh yeah, I was also diagnosed with Diabetic Neuropathy in September of 2009. My feet lost some feeling and went dumb- and they blew up like balloons- it was the most disgusting thing to see ever. I am not morbidly obese, I am a size 14 sometimes 13 depending on the fit. But I am overweight.

Thank you for all of the love and support!

Want to connect with me? My name is KatiK on the SoulCysters Message Board.

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