Why does it seem like when you are alone and you have the world against you, it doesnt bother you half as much when you are in a relationship? Or maybe to others, it is the other way around. Either way being married brings the reality of having PCOS that much closer to your face. Eventually kids are going to be discussed. How do you cope with knowing that you are a woman and you can’t do what women have been doing for centuries?

For me, I am constantly questioning everything…..Oh why would he want me, I can’t have kids? Why would he want to kiss my chin, I got stubbles? Look at my face with this acne……All the insecurities kick in….

I see so many youtube videos where women are trying to inspire one another to feeling better about having PCOS. They advise them to loose weight and become more active to improve their self esteem and attitude. They advise them to join this and that group, talk about it, take this vitamin…….

The key to ever accepting this syndrome and defeating it, is prayer and asking God to help you get through…….Why is it that when people win the lottery or get a promotion, they say thank you God? But when their loved one dies or they fall behind on bills, they question God? Or in some cases when inflicted with hardship they call in God. And when they think times are good, they don’t even utter his name….That just goes to show, we tend to remember God at times of hardship and looking for relief..

We need to be praising and thanking God each and every day for our lives and situations. Did you eat today? Was it cold outside and you walked into a warm house? Did that bath do it for you? How was the movie you kicked back and put your feet up to watch?

There is a ridiculous amount of people in this world that can’t answer any of these questions with a yes. It may seem all extreme to bring religion into it to some, but was it extreme when people bring in up in birth, marriage, and death……Why not in between??

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