Hi, after going to my doctor and having him tell me I MAY have PCOS, then setting me up with a specialist in November. I’m going to do some investigative work to see if my symptoms match up, or it could potentially be something else.

I’ve been on Alessefor about 5 years, and recently went off it last June. Before then my periods had always been regular. I’m petite, 4’11 and currently 93lbs. When I went off the pill I was 87lbs and coming out of mild depression that caused me to lose a few lbs. Between June and Nov. my period was regular.

I started doing more cardio/excersize around nov/dec. And that was when I last got my period. I began to steadly gain 6 lbs up until now and no matter what I ate my weight wouldnt go any lower. I started eating a bit too little, not realizing my calorie intake was way too low some days, and mostly consisting of carbs/protein/sugars and drinking a few drinks about 3x/week.

My doctor put me on Chlomid for a week to enduce my period in May, which barely helped. Then the last 2 months I got my period on its own and again this month.

Could something else be enducing this lack of period? The whole weight not budging thing is throwing me off…any suggestions?

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