I have just joined this site and am yet to read stories of other peoples situations, but i need to talk to someone who understands how i feel and can giveme some support.

A brief rundown of my condition:
I was diognosed with PCOS when i was 17 years old. Although alarming, i went on a estrogen only pill and once my periods regulated, i disregarded it, assuming it would correct itself. Since that time, over the past 5 years, i have packed on an amazing amount of weight, i eat well (am a vegetarian) and exercise semi-regularly. I went to the doctors recently who said my cholesterol levels were great (as in low), but there was a problem with my insulin levels.

So basically thats me up until yesterday. I got in the shower to wash my hair, i was just about to get out and i looked down, to see clumps of my hair in the drain. I have been steadily loosing hair for about 6 months, but nothing like this. I know male pattern baldness is a symptom of PCOS and i also know it can be irreversable.

I am finding it increasingly hard to deal with this situation. While my friends and family are supportive, they dont really understand how i feel, how degrading this syndrome really is. Excess weight, facial hair, acne, infertility, balding. Has anyone else been through this?

I never took my polycystic ovaries all that seriously, now i am scared and feeling very alone about my future. Any support or advice would be greatly appreciated to help me through this difficult time.


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