Since puberty I have thought that I was a FREAK…….inner labia that hung down below the outer labia. What were these things…..NUTS that didn’t develop????

And what about the hair….back, front and forget the bikini area….just get out the weedwhacker!!!!!

So…how does one feel feminine?????

And here is the biggest beaf with the PCOS ….why didn’t the many many doctors I go to explain what was going on ‘down there’….(even when I asked). They just said that everything was okay….problem is that is not how the ‘down there’ looks in porno magazines.

If only this site was available 30 years ago…..would have saved a lot of shame and lack of self esteem.

At least now I know we CAN look different down there and I’m okay!!!!

I hope ya’ll know that you are okay too.


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