When I first DX myself in April 0f 1998 I couldn’t get enough info.

I read everything I could, granted there wasn’t much out there. We’ve come a long way in 4 years. My story is much like everyone elses. Couldn’t find a doctor who knew anything. I was told this is just the way you are and to live with it.

If I wasn’t trying to concieve a child then there was not a medical approach that could be taken, and I was to just “live with it”. The only change I made was to go low carb. I followed the Hellers plan and lost 36 pounds. 3 months later my periods were regular, I could set my watch to them. Many of my symptoms started to disappear. It was a miracle. I couldn’t believe that I could feel the same at 9 am that I did at 9 pm. the mood swings and depression were gone. I felt like I had concoured the world. I thought I had killed that demon called PCOS forever.

I guess I took it all for granted and lost track of the reality of there is no cure. One year after my dx I made some changes in my life I changed jobs and where I lived. My husband and I took a job managing an apartment complex. Six months into the job a tenant kidnapped, raped and killed a 9 year old little girl that was visiting our property. This tragedy totally threw me off the success track I was on.

I am right back were I started with my PCOS symptoms. Some even worse than before. I’m totally lost. I’ve tryed to get back on track and low carbing is no longer working. I got back on the computer for some inspiration and came across this site. Four years ago I was motivated with knowledge and took PCOS on by myself. I now think I need to go at it with all the support I can get. Well that’s my story and I look forward to spending time getting to know everyone.


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