I’m 19 years old and recently I’ve discovered that I probably have PCOS. Without health insurance I can’t take all the tests, but I have the symptoms.

Hairy? Check!
Acne? Check!
Obese? Check!
Missed periods? Usually my periods are regular, but after years of my period becoming regular, now that I’m older, I have missing periods sometimes.

Dark patch on my neck? Skin tags? Family history of diabetes? Check, check check!

Oh, PCOS does a number on my mental health. I’ve gone years thinking I was the ugliest thing alive (I still think I am), and having to work so hard at my appearance and failing, and having people tell me I was ugly and looking at me with pity.

I also have depression. PCOS and depression together don’t really make me the happiest.

I have a boyfriend, but I can’t help thinking that he wishes I wasn’t such an ogre. Yes, I feel like an ogre.

I see all the pretty people and get so bitter and angry. Sometimes, the hopeful part of me wishes on stars.

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