Since I have been here in June…I thought I would give my story. I knew I had this ever since ’93 but never diagnosed. While dh and I were dating I did not have a cycle for over a year. The day I go to see the doctor I was spotting. So he put me on BCP and thought since I have a lot of facial hair that would do the trick…plus we were getting married in 6 months.

So years pass by and I still have the facial hair…and I pluck away every night…those hairs just BUG me!! brother and his wife had triplet boys in ’98. Found out last summer ’01 that the twins are mild and moderately autistic. So my brother suggests that if dh and I ever consider to have kids we ought to go to there genetic doctor and do some tests on me. Well, I was not happy to begin with…I thought I made those boys the way they are…Of course I took it wrong…misunderstanding. LOL!!

So in Dec ’01 we go to see the genetic doctor and said that we were going to get off the bcp in march of ’02 and told her my past cycles before bcp. She recommended that I see the Endo. I had no clue why…so I went along with it. So it took 2 visits to the doctors to get a referral…a waste of $30 in my opinion. When I did see the endo he ran blood-work..and said you could have PCOS. He did not explain..then nor did he explain when I went back the next month to get my results.

So I did some research on my own and found out that I indeed have it…and for a long time. So I am metformin now and have been since June. IF it was not for my brother to ask me to see the genetic doc…I would be tearing my hair out as to why I have not been able to ttc and be successful at it.

I am glad I have meet you ladies and Have talked to you a lot. And as of a week or so ago I was tearing my hair out…frustrated why we were not preggers yet. But I (with the help of Chloe!!) figured out that I was O’ing!! I just became aware of now I know what to look for next month. I am so glad we are all here to help each other out.

So thanks ladies…and I hope this gives some encouragement to new ladies who visit us.

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