I am 30 years old and I was diagnosed w/PCOS in 2001.

I began taking Yasmin, but also saw a weight loss doctor (no one would rx met) He put me on thyroid meds and Tenuate. In about a year I went from 160Lbs to 110Lbs. The hair growth stopped, acne better, and I had regular periods. In 2005 I decided to stop the Yasmine and try to have a baby.

Aside from gaining about 10 Lbs, I felt fine but my periods were sporatic. We wanted to try for a year before seeing a fertility specialist. Well, about 10 months went by and no baby, I decided to try insulite. I began taking it in May of 2006 (brought on 1 or 2 periods) and found out I was pregnant in August!! So once I was pregnant I stopped all meds (except 100mg Zoloft)

After my daughter was born in April 2007, I went to the OBGYN and wanted to get back on Yasmin. She rx’d it for me, I took it for 1 month but had awful headaches and stopped taking it. So I went back to the weight loss dr. (I now weigh 142 and I’m 5’4″) He put me on Tenuate again and thyroid meds. My period has been somewhat regular with the thyroid meds (every 3 months or so) but I CAN’T LOSE THIS WEIGHT! I would like to get to my pre pregnancy weight of 127 and I have tried everything! I work out like crazy, take weight loss meds, but nothing! I finally went to a new obgyn and she is re-testing everything and will HOPEFULLY put me on Metformin.

I really think the insulin resistance is the reason I’m not losing the weight, I’ve also noticed a lot of facial hair growth, so I feel I’m back to square one. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she puts me on it! If anyone on here is from the Phoenix, AZ area, I need a good PCOS doctor! We are also trying for baby #2 but I’d really like to lose the weight first! Also-if I do get put on Metformin and get prego, can I stay on the met?

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