I’m glad I found a site with other people with similar problems. While talking to my doctor, I was beginning to feel like I was the only one with this problem!

So, I’m not really sure when I developed PCOS. I know I had my first period when I was like, 11. I didn’t really understand what people meant when they said that they knew when their periods were going to occur, mine were really random! I didn’t really see a problem with it, until they stopped altogether. I didn’t have a period for almost a year, and I wasn’t sexually active, so I knew something was wrong.

Every doctor I went to mindlessly put me on birth control without giving a crap what was causing it. Long story short, during puberty I became overweight, hairy, pimple-y and periodless. Now, at sixteen, I know what’s going on… and I’m still overweight, hairy, pimple-y on birth control, taking vitamin b, excersizing every day, and on a low GI diet.

I was diagnosed when I got these really awful sudden abdominal cramps and I thought I was dying, and it was cysts on my ovaries popping. After that I was thrilled to be getting to the bottom of this, but now after all these blood tests and such, it’s at a stand still. PCOS is driving me nuts.

All of my doctors tell me I need to lose weight, and to just “stop eating carbs, and excersize and the weight will just FALL OFF. XDD” I can’t stand it anymore. I have stomach issues, because I’m overweight, which is because of PCOS. I have asthma, because I’m overweight, because of PCOS.

And the only thing dr’s have done for me has been prescribed BC which has done nothing. I’m thinking about getting on glucophage or whatever, just because it’s supposed to help people lose weight? I don’t know what else to do, and I’m done with getting my hopes up for new ways to treat this. =[[ anyone else feeling a bit put out?

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