OK….. I was told in about 2004 that I had multiple cycts on both ovaries and had PSCO.

I then fought to be put on Metformin and has to go to the RI in Edinburgh to see a specialist before my doctor would prescribe them. I was told I could not have Birth Control Pills because of my weight (which is part of the problem!!).

In November 08 I saw a new female doctor at my surgery who noticed that the hospital should have seen me 6 months after my first visit and hadn’t. She thought it a good idea that I go and see them again as she thought my symptoms were all still to do with the PCOS and I had come off the metformin but she thought I should go back on it.

Anyway, I went to the hospital a few weeks ago where the male doctor didn’t give me any eye contact and when I tried to go through my symptoms the one he latched on to was that my periods are very heavy. They did an internal ultra sound and apparently my multiple cysts have disappeared and I only have about 6 on one ovary which is not enough to be diagnosed with PCOS!!

When I asked him what was causing all my other symptoms he brushed me off with “perhaps you are just sensative to hormone changes” and told me I needed to lose weight and would I like to see their dietician!! I told him that I knew exactly what I should be eating and that of course I knew I needed to lose weight but that this was part of my problem. He just ignored me and told me another 3 times that I need to lose weight!

I came out of there in tears and just don’t know what to do now. Is it all in my mind? Do I hve a hormone problem that they haven’t checked? He says that I am not pre or peri hormonal but that was from tests taken over 4 years ago.

I am still really angry and upset and feel like just giving up trying to find out what is wrong with me.

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