A Long Journey With PCOS

Hi everyone-

I am new to this site and I was very happy to have found it. I have a dial-up connection due to living in out in the sticks, so you’ll have to bear with me if it takes a few days to reply back…thanks in advance for that!

My story starts at age 20 when I was diagnosed with PCOS. I visited the gyno because after about 1.5 years of trying I had not conceived. They did an ultrasound and lab tests.

At this time I did not have any other signs, except a little rapid weight gain (I weighed in at 123 lbs, 5-1). I had always had stomach trouble and was very, very thin because of it in high school around 90 lbs at the most. They put me on metformin and it absolutely killed my tummy, but I stuck with it. I had my little girl when I was about to be 22.

She was a complete surprise! I actually went to a gastro doctor because I was having severe abdominal pain and constipation. I spent $150 for her to tell me I was pregnant!!! That’s a story to tell the grandkids…I just couldn’t believe it because I had thought I would never have kids.

During the pregnancy I gained 80 lbs. The gyno wanted to keep me on metformin but I refused because I didn’t feel it was safe enough for the baby.

After having her I got back down to about 143 lbs. I walked as much as possible but couldn’t lose more than that. The constipation during my pregnancy lingered on. My periods started to last months at a time. I would have maybe a 3 day break between them. At this point I went back to the gyno and she put me on metformin again. They did not see any cysts on my ovaries and that was the only “test” they did.

The meformin killed me! It was actually Fortamet and I felt like my stomach was being ripped out and I could not have a bowel movement to relieve it due to my constipation problems. So I got on birth control just to have another alternative that would stop the periods and the stomach pain of the Fortamet. I was depressed because I wanted another child…

I finally reached a breaking point. I decided to stop the birth control and just deal with the periods, praying that God would somehow heal me and give me a baby. I just wanted a son. My husband is the last in his family to carry on the last name and I knew how much it meant to him.

So I prayed and fasted…the next month my period was normal…wow I thought. I just knew I must be pregnant the next month when I didn’t have one at all! I took several tests and they were all negative. I was bummed…I just knew I was pregnant with a boy, I felt like God had answered my prayer, I was sure of that! I was still having horrible problems with my constipation so I went to the GI doctor and guess what? A blood test showed I was pregnant once again! I was so happy! I don’t know how many of you are religious, but I believe in miracles.

During my pregnancy everything went okay. I had some problems with my circulation and was on a heart monitor for a while. I was constipated alot during the pregnancy as well. I developed rosacea. It was not too bad until the very last month of the pregnancy. I had my little boy and I was so happy….

He is 9 months old now and I am just getting a doctor to finally check my hormone levels. My rosacea has escalated to where I have boils on my skin. I have had at least 2 cysts that have been drained. The dermatologist would just give me creams and antibiotics that are doing nothing.

I have been to the gastro and had an upper GI series that showed some Reflux but that’s it. I have had my gall bladder checked because of the pain in my right upper stomach but the ultrasound was normal. They want to do a colonoscopy but I don’t have the money to pay for such a test, even after insurance. I called my gyno and told them that I really felt that it was a hormone problem that could cause the acne and constipation. I had never been constipated in my life before getting pregnant, now it is chronic.

During pregnancy your hormones will increase and cause your intestines to relax and not contract as well which makes the stool not pass as quickly or easily. So why couldn’t it be the same after pregnancy if my hormones are not regulated? Hormones also cause acne and skin problems…they also cause adenomyosis (the enlargement of the uterus into the muscular wall) which was something the gyno found a few months after my son was born. I am on birth control only because if I stop I will have periods lasting months…so why couldn’t all these issues be 1 underlying problem?

My gyno told me I was crazy. She says that I should just see the gastro doctor and dermatologist. She didn’t want to do any blood work to check either. Do you all think I’m crazy? I know after you haven’t had a bm in a week you feel crazy.

During this entire time my PCOS has not been mentioned by my gyno. I was not put on any different meds or checked to see the progression or anything. I actually didn’t even think of it as a reasoning behind all these problems until last week. I am desperate for an answer and for some sort of help.

I called a primary care physician to talk about hormone imbalances. I told her my story and she said well you have been diagnosed with PCOS? And I told her yes and she said, that’s your problem! She put me back on metformin which I started yesterday and prevacid for the stomach pain, and she said in a month she will check back with me to see how it’s going. She did several blood tests for hormone levels, insulin, etc…as well.

I just felt so happy leaving there because, well, someone listened to me!!! I am still skeptical that my stomach is going to work properly….but I really hope she finds a link…I exercise about 3 days a week right now and I’m trying to eat better. I have to take Miralax twice a day and Milk of Magnesia every week or so…that is how bad it is.

Her theory was that my intestines are just very weak and I need to get them moving again with exercise and weight loss and just becoming healthier- treating the PCOS. And when I say constipation I don’t mean like hard stool, the stool is soft I am just unable to push it out…I know it sounds gross but we can be honest here, right?

I just ask that everyone pray for me. I am a very spiritual lady, however there are days that I feel hopeless and helpless with this. I feel like my faith is lost. The only thing I can do is look at what the Lord has brought me through and look at my beautiful children that I never thought I would have. Thank you all for listening and if you have any advice that would be great. Has anyone ever heard a link between PCOS and digestive problems like constipation? Do you think my bowel issues are hormone related?

God Bless,

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