Ok, I really don’t know if this is the right forum to post on…maybe someone can “redirect” me if not! But, I have been dealing with PCOS for all of my adult life…probably back in my teens if I think hard enough, but at 42…I’m good with going back 20 years and no more! LOL! Anyway, I have not had a AF on my own since my early twenties and during those years I tried without success to achieve pregnancy (please forgive me if i write everything out….I don’t know the abbr. yet!).

I actually did get pregnant at least three times via IUI and IVF (still have 4 embryos frozen at IVF clinic), but never resulted in a full term live birth. Moving forward, my DH (picked that one up) and I divorced and I moved on, resigning myself to never getting pregnant until God decided it was to be. In the meantime, I disregarded the fact that I wasn’t having a natural AF at all. I would go for checkups and get medical assistance, but nothing natural or on its own…for years!

In 2006 I was diagnosed with Pre-diabetes and began trying to lose weight and get healthy…well we know how that goes. I ended up gaining about 10 lbs and still no period! I wasn’t really concerned until a Dr told me that I was at high risk for cancer if I didn’t get some sort of regular cycle going. I thought since I wasn’t trying to conceive that it was not really a big deal. How wrong I was! I did more and more research on PCOS and discovered just how limiting and dangerous it really is! Like I said, I was diagnosed early on, but never really got a good understanding of the disease until now.

I wanted to try anything to get my body back in shape and even started allowing myself to dream of marriage and babies again!! LOL! It’s never too late right? Anyway, I knew I didn’t want to go the whole glocophage route as those pills made me ill, and it had been so long since I even tried to have a natural cycle I didn’t know what was out there.

In August of 2009, I met a woman who shared some of the same issues as me health wise. She had stopped having natural periods back in her teens and was diagnosed as well in her 20’s with PCOS and diabetes. She was overweight and had high cholesterol (which I don’t have, thankfully!). In her own words, she was a HOT MESS! I asked her what she was doing and she told me early in her diagnosis she lost weight, took pills and shots and nothing worked for her. She finally gave up until early last year….she started drinking an all natural drink called LeVive.

After six weeks she went to the Dr and he took her completely off all of her meds including glocophage and just has her monitor herself daily!!!!!

I was absolutely stunned! In addition to that, she noticed after about three months she wasn’t shaving as often, her dark spots on her face were fading and while she is still thin at the top of her head…the rest of her hair seemed to be growing! But, the most exciting thing she waited to tell me was that after two months of drinking this juice, she got her AF on her own…not assisted by her dr or any other meds!!! And since April of 2009, she has had a 28 day cycle EVERYMONTH!!!!!

I was unbelievably excited for her…and me! I immediately purchased a bottle of this juice and got my first shipment in Nov. 2009. I started taking it thinking I should see something within two months or so..right? Oh and let me insert here that I have not had a period since Nov. 2006 and that was from a shot to the rear to induce it.

On Dec 28, 2009 I woke up with the WORST CRAMPS and very confused. I hadn’t felt cramps in so long, I forgot what could be happening! LOL! I went to the bathroom and there she was…AF AF AF!!!! I was so excited, I couldn’t believe it! It had not even been a FULL COMPLETE MONTH of drinking this juice and I was having a period!!! It lasted 6 days and the cramping only lasted about 3 hours on that first day.

My flow was pretty heavy for the first 3 days, but after that it slowed down to “normal”. I don’t know if it is the juice, but I do know I feel GREAT! I do remember feeling tired and run down when I had my cycle…not so this time.

Oh and my friend? She is still getting her cycle every 28 days like clockwork and for the last three months she has ovulated as she should!!!!

I’m excited and wanted to share it with others…I have searched the forums and boards and haven’t seen anything like this posted, so again, I hope this is the right place.

What’s in the juice? Acai Berry, Noni, Gogi, Pomegranate, and Mangosteen….THAT’S IT! All natural and I drink 1-2 oz twice a day. I buy a case each month which would normally last me about two months (each case come with four bottles and each bottle last me about two weeks or so), but I have sold two of the bottles to other people so I have to get more…I don’t mind because if they get the same results, it is worth it.

I’m praying for alot of things in 2010, I hope this is the start of good things happening!!!

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