These were the words that my Gyno (rest his soul) said to me 5 years ago…

My story is much like a lot of the others I have read, but I will add mine to the pile.

My mum lost 4 children before she could have me, and it was only through the intervention of HRT that that even occured. When I was born caeserian I was a bounding 10 lbs…

My weight gain started probably when I was about 6 years old. My mum’s family has a history of chronic morbid obesity, and I don’t care what ANYONE says, there is something about it in the genes!

I have never been an over eater, and most of the time I don’t eat more than a meal a day (which is probably to my detriment).

I was a bit of a late bloomer with my first menstruation occurring two weeks from my 15th birthday… I didn’t get another one until I was well into 16… When they did come I thought I was some sort of a freak! All my girlfriends would complain that they got “The cramps” a week or two before that time of the month… Me, I got them smack dab in the middle of my period. It felt like someone had grabbed my fallopian tubes and was wring them out…

My periods were as erratic as all hell and when they did come it was two weeks of no stop ick and pain, owing to a uterus that happens to be facing the wrong way using an internal sanitary item wasn’t possible.

To regulate my periods I went on the pill, every month I would have to go to the physio because my back was giving me hell and the only pain killers that would work were panadine forte which knocked me out, so I was off work.

Finally after a 2 month menstruation I went to see our family gyno… I was 28… Eddie had an ultrasound performed and sure enough, the quote at the top was the first thing he said when he got my results back.

The kicker came when I was sacked from my job for taking time off to find this out…

So for the past 5 nearly 6 years I have been non stop on the pill… no menstruation, just levelan pd.

My docs find me a bit of a cunundrum, I am 33, morbidly obese but all my tests for diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure etc come back text book perfect.

I am now waitng for confirmation of my diagnosis, so I can start sorting the sucker out!

Perth WA.

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