I wanted to share my story with others and hope to do so soon on my new blog.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 1988, not many people had heard of PCOS, but I was struggling with acne and starting to show signs of hirsutism, and I was fortunate enough to have a very progressive doctor who knew that this might be PCOS. I had been told since I was 18 that I would probably have to take a mild fertility pill (Clomid) in order to get pregnant in the future. I was put on birth control pills and offered another pill as well that I turned down. (the name of that pill escapes me now, maybe Metformin)

I have never been really comfortable with taking medications. I prefer a more holistic approach because I fear that masking the problem with medication doesnt actually address the issue. Fast forward a decade and a few years, I decided to go off the birth control pills and try acupuncture to relax and help regulate my periods.

Fast forward to 2004, I decided to become vegan, and clean up my emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
I lost over twenty pounds, and was married in 2005. A week after my wedding day I discovered that I was two months pregnant. I was SHOCKED, to say the least.

I now offer counseling to women who need assistance with their diet via coaching and cooking lessons (not necessarily becoming vegan), along with working on the emotional “stuff” that we all carry with us. I feel so passionately about helping women who struggle with PCOS, and the embarassement and depression that can often occur with this syndrome.

I try very hard NOT to define myself by the diagnosis of this syndrome…there are so many unknowns to PCOS and it often hits women with perfectionist goals. Perhaps we want to be so perfect at everything (even though in our hearts we know we cant) that we are inflicted with this syndrome to show us that we are not perfect, but beautifully imperfect like everyone else.

I would love to help you. I am located in Los Angeles, but am available via Skype or the telephone to counsel. My account with soulcysters allows me to accept emails from you, so please email me with any questions you might have about my practice.

Sincerely, Heather

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