I am 22 and I got diagnosed with PCOS when i was 18 and it has been really hard for me.

I started out with the hairy face and I went to the dermatologist and he asked me if i was having regular periods and i thought that was strange coming from a dermatologist but I started thinking about it and my periods had been way off i would only have one like once every couple months.

so he told me i needed to go to a gynocologist so i made an opointment and they did some tests on me and it turned out i did have PCOS. No one really explained to me what it was. I feel like i am just now learning. it is so frustraiting to me how it seams like i work out i try and eat healthy and i am still fat.

I have been a steady weight though for the last year or so but it is just frustraiting because i am trying and nothing is happening. I really what to have children and i will be married for a year on march 1 and that is something my husband and i really want.

I cry a lot about it because i know the odds are not for me. the first doctor i went to told me that i would never have children that it would never be and option for me. the dcotor i got to know has me on met 1500mg a day and spironolacton200mg a day and the birth control and my periods are back to normal and have been for the last year and a half and the facial hair is not as bad but it seams like every time i go into the doctor she gives me a hard time about the weight and i am really trying.

For me that is the hardest part I have always been a big girl and it has always been a problem for me. that is my story just living through this disease. I put my trust in the Lord that he will provide for us a baby. I am so thankful for my suporting husband! He loves me hair weight and all i couldn’t be more lucky!

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