I’m 35yrs Old,Infertile,Hairy and Fat! All Thanks To PCOS

As you can see from the title,i am feeling extremely hopeless with this situation.

I have always been hairy,in fact the hairiest monkey ever born in our family with hairy thighs.In fact, my dad once was shocked when he saw the hair on my legs,’ your hair is the same quality as that of a boar’.Well, all my life I have been complexed about the hair on my face and body.I used to bleach the dark hair first ,then they became thicker so I started waxing them, I was afraid of my chin becoming saggy so I started threading it, with the resultant zits and bad skin.Boys were surprisingly always interested in me despite my hairiness!

I am married now for 4 years,unhappily,probably because I am so unhappy with myself. I was an okay weight until 2007 when everything changed.I put on 15 kgs,was unable to lose weight despite trying everything.I was referred to a gynaecologist who confirmed my fears, showed me my pearly ovaries.My bloods were all over the place,especially my SHBG and Free androgen index.The gynae tried me on metformin and i have now finished with clomid with NO result.

I did manage to ovulate on some of the clomid cycles but not all of them.My confidence is shot,I do not feel like going anywhere or doing anything, I feel fat and ugly.Although I get laser done every 6-7 weeks,i have new hair sprouting in strange places,like the hollow of my neck and my chest.In all I feel worse every day.

My weight is showing no sign of reducing despite me having given up every high carb,saturated,fatty food known to mankind.I live on soups.This has only been since 3 weeks I have to say so hopefully I will lose weight.Last week,at the assisted conception unit where we have been referred, I was told that my Free androgen index is VERY high so either I lose weight or lose everything!.I feel lower than low.

My weight is 88kgs,I am 5 feet 7 inches tall,never concieved,irregular cycles..great!!. In april 2010, we will be first on the list for IUI

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