Ok this is a brief story of my struggles with PCOS dx wit PCOS 2007 after three months of trying to conceive, dr started me on Bcp to regulate my circles but somehow Af messed up could last oven two weeks straight, dr then introduced progesterone injections but the side effect was also unbearable spotting months-round.

started Clomid 500mg no O, 1000mg no o, Clomid and trigger shots nipple tenderness two weeks I thought I was preggo but 2wks four days Af showed. i resolved to just rest for two months but O my God, Af is really really messed up heavy flows lasting 9 days at intervals of two weeks DH was getting too worried so I started searching the net for possible solutions and how ppl manage wt PCOS.

i stumbled on a site that talked about how to treat pcos with herbs she said good things about Vitex, dong qui, epo and some others i decided to start on dong qui immediately after Af stops 500mg daily till ovulation i,v been on it for some months now and my Af regulated so for me this is success, also i cut down my intake of sugar and sweets and included metformin 500mg in my meds.presentlyim 9dpo and I’m very hopefull i’l test BFP of pregnancy this may. sucess to us all.

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