My daughter is almost 17. She had irregular, mostly heavy periods, for the first 3 years and so the GYN put her on BCP, a low dose. She spotted off and on during BCP for 8 months, so discontinued the BCP in March to see what would happen. She then had no periods at all, so I took her to the GYN and she ran blood work.

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Only her free testosterone is 5.4, high, with the range being 0.5-3.9

5 weeks ago, I was given this result and a script for provera and bcp. I declined. I started my daughter on NPC and DCI, and this brought on a very light period.

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Same regime past 20 days and now waiting for AF

After doing some searching on the net, I am coming up with things such as ovarian tumors, adrenal tumors, cushings, etc. I am very concerned that maybe based on just the high free testosterone level, she may have something else??

I am deeply grateful for this website and the soul cysters.

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Concerned Mom, Kathy

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