In case anyone is in my same situation…on the PCOS spectrum?

All blood tests in normal range? No excess hair (testosterone on the low side?), normal fasting glucose, low FSH, normal estridol, normal thyroid, normal prolactin…One thing…no ovulation…Day 21 progestrone is non existent. With 38-42 day long cycles for over 4 years, and inconsistent periods my entire life.

On and off of birth control for 15 years. Doc thinks PCOS but clearly not “sterotypical”, but not sure why I don’t ovulate. Usually only have one maybe 2 cycsts in my ovaries on any given month…WHAT IS IT!!!

Always, and I mean always struggled with my weight in my 20’s certain times 10 lbs underweight, sometimes 20lbs overweight. Once I hit my 30’s forget about it… been on every diet and exercise program in the book, cannot loose the 50lbs I have gained. I can’t starve myself, my blood sugar level’s drop and I get ill and super cranky…but once again fasting glucose normal? Metabolic Doc says, “you must have the fat gene, eat almonds.” Sister has similar low blood sugar levels, cannot skip meals however she’s always been rail thin w/normal fasting glucose, but has severe endo.

TTC now for 2 years. Since progesterone tests indicate no ovulation went on clomid. Only 1-2 follicles that didn’t ovulate.. A bust.

Switched to Metformin (1500mg) and Femara (5 mg), still low response only 1-2 follicles but w/HCG trigger able to ovualte a couple of monthes, but no pregnancy success. Found out right tube blocked…time to move onto IVF.

IVF Doc says “high success candidate.” Low FSH at 4, great candidate for long lupron protocol w/5 day transfer. Long lupron protocol ends in canceled cycle…low response only 3 eggs. Doc is baffled!!! Switch to low dose lupron protocol w/double stimulation drugs. Success 7 eggs! (but still only 7 eggs w/a low FSH…no explanation…)
6 eggs fertilize great % rate, transfer 2 (3day transfer) 8 cell embies. One indicated implantation, but miscarried due to low HCG levels at week 5.

I still have 4 frozen embies, but not 8 cell embies… but scared to deal with more loss and disappointment. This is the one and only IVF we can afford, so once these 4 frozen are gone it’s the end of the line….

So if anyone out there doesn’t ovulate, and the Doc’s don’t know why.. is it PCOS?

Beyond perplexed w/no answer’s in sight!!!

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