I wanted to share my story with all of you, because I want everyone to know how I got rid of my PCOS. I was a thin child, and started my period at age 12.

At age 13, I started having very irregular periods. I’d have one, then another a few months later, then another in two months and so on. My gyno told me and my mother that I would eventually grow out of it.

At age 19, I was only having one period per year and I started to gain weight uncontrollably. In 9 months, I gained 60 pounds. I was officially diagnosed with PCOS. Each year, my weight continued to go up. I was sick constantly, always feeling tired, my knees hurt so bad I had to use my hands to sit on the commode.

In 2001, at age 25, I’d had enough and weighed 270 pounds and was 5’8″. I went on a 1200 calorie diet, worked on in the gym daily for 2 hours, and would sit and rock and cry because I was so hungry. My hypoglycemia was horrible and I would pass out because my sugar levels would drop so low. I took 1000 mg of ibuprofen daily to control the pain in my knees and would never be caught anywhere without tums, rolaids, immodium, et al. I eventually lost 65 pounds, and there I plateaued for 9 months. I still weighed over 200 lbs.

I eventually stopped my routine, and would have period induction every three months. I was gaining about a pound a month and had diarrehea constantly, usually going to the bathroom 5-6 times daily and still gaining weight steadily.

Then, in 2008, I was again at my wit’s end. I was 260 pounds. I went to a psychiatrist and said please help me. He put me on 2000mgs of metformin daily, phentermine, a mild antidepressant, and most importantly, a low-carb diet.

I learned how to eat and what to eat and kept my carbs below 30 net daily. That was 8/15/08. By christmas 08, I had lost 40 pounds. I didn’t cheat – EVER – because all of my illnesses went away. my knees never hurt, I never belched my food for hours, and I was having normal bowel movements for the first time in my life. I NEVER worked out one minute.

I kept of food journal of my thoughts and feelings and everything I put in my mouth. In February, I had an uninduced period – the first in 10 years. Then in April, I had another. In May,June, July, August of this year, every single month on the 15th of the month, Aunt Flo visits.

I now weigh 160 lbs. and have since March. My life is back to normal and I’ve never been happier. I have read the site for years and wanted to share my success story with all of you, because it is true that PCOS is linked to excessive production of insulin and carb intake causes more insulin production. Without that shot of insulin production with each and every meal, body is happy.

I will always have PCOS. However, for the first time in my life, I control it. It does not control me.

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