I’ve always thought something was wrong, I started my period at 10 years old, and was done with puberty with it.

At first my periods were regular up until I was about 14 then everything went haywire, I was hospitalized for ovarian cysts and . My acne got horrendous and still is unfortunately, though I’ve found some relief with proactive. My period started coming whenever felt good for them with no particular pattern.

Now my periods themselves were extremely heavy and painful. This went on for quite sometime with no relief, I actually had a doctor tell me my periods were irregular because I was still going through puberty. He prescribed birth control and I took it. It did help, too a point.

But it made me sick so I quit taking it. When I was seventeen my period didn’t come for three months and I thought I was pregnant but my period did finally come and I was crushed. I guess that’s when I caught baby fever. Although I was young, I was engaged at the time and my husband and I got married a few months later after I turned 18.

Since then I’ve been trying desperately to get pregnant. I stopped for a while to really think about what it would mean to be a mother and the idea thrilled me and so my husband and I started ttc again. A year and half has gone by, opks, charting, testing, praying, changing my lifestyle for the better, and still nothing. My periods were still very irregular and so after this past November when my period poofed again, I got excited and when after a blood test said no.

I decided to call in the doctors. I’d been doing research all along and quizing my family so when I went to see my doc, I was the one who brought up PCOS, she ran some tests, gave me a pap, and a vaginal ultrasound. Sure enough I was right. She gave me Provera to force my period for this month. She’s talked to me about my options and the medicines I’ll have to take. I’m so overwhelmed and depressed.

It seems like being a mom will never happen for me. I’ve read a lot of success stories but I am still down in the dumps about it. I have so many things to change and while I’m willing to do anything. It just seems like an undaughnting task. I found this site about a week ago by accident.

But I’m glad I did. I love it here. I’m hoping things will get better and I don’t intend to give up. I’m just a little discouraged. But that’s my story I guess. Sorry I rambled on.

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