Well Hello! I’m glad to have found this site, I’ve read some very inspiring stories and can’t wait to bond with you guys

Anyhow, Here’s my story:

I’ve always been hairy like a little monkey. But, my cousin and my Dad are very hairy too, so I assumed it was hereditary. It was difficult to go to school and be teased because I looked like a wolf girl, but as I go older I discovered wax, tweezers and shaving. So I’m much better off now, but my upper lip hair grows back so fast.

My periods started out heave and infrequent, I started Birth Control at 16 and stopped taking it when I was 17. My periods were still infrequent, but I was too embarrassed to ask seek help or talk to anyone about it.

I then met my Husband and we moved to Louisiana. He has a daughter from a previous marriage that lives with us full-time. So, I kind of stepped into an instant family. About 2 years ago, I started taking birth control and anti depressants. I gained amost 35 pounds in a year. I’m 5 foot tall and went from 110-143.

I hadn’t implemented enough discipline into my diet to actively try and loose the weight. But, i’ve started counting my calories last week. (yay me )

Anyhow, I went to the OBGYN to 3 weeks ago to ask her about my irregular periods and wether or not it would effect me getting pregnant. (My husband and I decided in May that we would start trying to have a baby and haven’t been successful yet) She referred me to the Fertility specialist and I was lucky enough to get an appointment with him 2 days later.

So, after sitting in the little room for about 45 minutes by myself thinking about all of the horrible things that could be wrong with me, the Doctor called me into his office and we talked.

He said that he thinks I have PCOS and that I have alot of the symptoms of it. He gave me a Progesterone or something like that to take for a week and then I have to go have an ultrasound and some bloodwork. He didn’t talk to me like it was that big of a deal, I came out of it thinking ” So that’s why I’m so hairy”. He did say that I didn’t have very strong characteristics of PCOS and that my family was fertile so I shouldn’t have a big problem with getting pregnant.

But now that I’ve educated myself on what PCOS is, I’m very worried. I hope I don’t have a long road ahead of me trying to get pregnant. And, I’m having trouble trying to tell my husband that I think this is a big deal.
I’m the most impatient person in the world, I’ve only been diagnosed for about a week and I’m already half crazy.
I’m lucky that I have my StepDaughter, but I can’t help but be jealous, and it seems that I can’t talk about this with my husband, I don’t want him to feel bad or think that I don’t love my stepdaughter because I desperately want a child of my own.

I appreciate all of you, and as I’m finding out now, this is a hard thing to deal with. But if you guys can do it, I can do it.

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