I was just diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 26 years old. I am so relieved to finally have an answer to so many problems I’ve had throughout my life.

I’m a married mother of a beautiful two and a half year old. I had no problems getting pregnant with her, we weren’t even trying. Since I’ve had her I have been on and off several times of birth control and just didn’t want to be on them, but my cycle was so off. My husband and I decided to start trying for our second child about 6 months ago. I’ve thought I was pregnant so many times and I took way too many tests, but I wasn’t have a period and I was wanting to be pregnant so badly.

We moved about an hour from my last doctor and I went to a General Practitioner for another problem, but brought up my problems with getting pregnant. She said she thought I might have the PCOS and referred me to a local OB/GYN.

I went in and told the doctor all my problems and she started me on some medicine right away to help fix my cycles. I went back the following day for an ultrasound on my ovaries. She said my ovaries have the PCOS appearance, we are waiting for the blood work to come back this week, but the doctor is pretty sure its what I have.

No other doctor had ever mentioned this syndrome to me, even with my long history of ovarian cysts, which probably goes all the way back to 6th grade. I also have battled off and on with weight issues.

I am so thankful that I have a doctor that is helping me get better and helping me to have another baby and getting me the medicines I need. My other doctors were great, but they just kept switching me from birth controls and other things.

I have found out through my research and talking to my girlfriends that 2 of my friends from high school have or might have PCOS too. I think we need to help find a way to get more information out there about it and make sure that doctors are more aware of PCOS.

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