So I’ve had all kinds of health issues since I was in high school (wrote up a summary for my new doctor, it was an entire printed page, and only touched on most things…) and have NEVER had an explanation as to why I’m always tired, cold, sick, etc…

I know about PCOS because my best friend has it, and her best friend has it, and another good friend’s fiance has it, but I never thought it applied to me because I never had really bad pains during my period and don’t have the hirstuism, etc… And the closest I had gotten to irregular periods were in high school, where I’d bleed 5 weeks out of 3 months.

Married my DH last May, and in the last few months we’ve started making preparations to have a baby, so I decided to make a gyn appointment, as I had a few questions.

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First off, I had gained at least 50 pounds since we got married…

I did go from a retal job to a desk job, and getting married does change eating habits, but I usually only eat between 1000 and 1800 calories a day (not intentionally, but food and I go way back…) and after I stopped BCPs in June, my cycles have been lengthening…

I went from a regulated 28-day period to a 37-day period in the space of a few months, so I wasn’t sure if I was ovulating properly, if I should lose weight before trying to get preggers (5’5″ and 190… BMI alone says I’m obese, I think I’m just chubby, and DH thinks I’m perfect, lol).

The weight gain, plus constant tiredness, plus the long cycle convinced my gyn (new doctor, referred by my PCOS friend as the best doctor she’s ever had) to test for thyroid and PCOS hormones at my yearly two weeks ago.

Finally got the results back last Friday, and the nurse delivered the news. Borderline low testosterone, second highest insulin count my doctor’s ever seen… Joy. Doctor’s appointment yesterday–he started me on Metformin 500mg ER, and I’m going back in a month to be evaluated.

So even though I consider myself pretty well informed (I started college in prenursing, and graduated in Exercise Science… and I know how to ferret out good information on the internet) I still feel lost. My biggest fear, even since high school, is that I’m infertile or subfertile. I never had any reason to think that until now… and I’m scared.

We have Aflak hospitilization insurance that will pay me a touch over 00 if I have a baby sometime after August 24th, so after my next period I’m going to use an ovulation predicter kit (the kind that looks for the LH surge) so we can time our BMS.

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While it’s kinda nice to finally have an answer, something that explains why I’ve been less-than-healthy most of my life, the possibility of subfertility almost isn’t worth it. Yeah, it would be there even if I didn’t have a name for what’s going on, but explain that to my head :-p I’m hoping the Metformin will be really helpful, and I’ll get pg right away, and my doctor sounded hopeful but couldn’t promise anything (of course :-p). I’m putting a lot of hope into the Metformin, that I’ll lose weight, feel better, get preggers… I don’t usually join forums, and almost never post my “story” of why I’m there… but I think I really need the support I see here 🙂

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