Hello everyone,

well I finally had an appointment with a dietitian on 15th October, I’ve been waiting for that since June. That went all good, except for the fact that the dietitian wasn’t happy that the doctors hadn’t done the ultrasound yet, so she promised me to have a chat with my gynecologists the next day.

So she did, and now I finally have a date for my ultrasound, which is on 27th of this month.

I’m booked in for a renal and pelvic ultrasounds. Don’t know what to expect, so slightly freaked out.

Also the dietitian told me that I might have to go back on the pill, seeing as she thinks that my diet is not the problem. I’m not really happy with this, so wondering if any of you would know any alternatives to the pill?

I also started counselling yesterday. I’ve been going through a really tough time, as well as having PCOS makes it worse for me. So hoping that will help.

I hope that all of you are doing well!


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