I was diagnosed with pcos about 7 months ago. Im 20 years old and havent started any treatment.

I havent had a period in 3 months and have a week before i have another doctors apt. I have already talked to my doctor about having kids someday and all she will tell me is ” nothings guarenteed”.

Am I crazy for feeling like i should get pregnant now while i still can? I know theres treatment but “nothings guarenteed” doesnt sound too promising to me.

Being a mom is more important to me then anything else in the world. Im afraid if i wait then one day it will be too late and I will be saying i wish i would have done it when i was younger. What do you think?

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  • Have hope – there are numerous success stories about women who are able to conceive with PCOS. I used to only have my period about every 3-4 months, but I now have it regularly because I’ve focused on changing my diet and health.

    It also would not be healthy to rush into creating another human being just because you’re afraid you’ll miss the opportunity to do so later. Don’t have a child if it’s not the time yet. Being a parent is not about fulfilling a desire to mother. It’s purpose is not to fulfill you or give you your identity.

    That being said, focus on your health and be patient for parenthood! Let it happen when it’s the best time.

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