I’m 28, recently married. A few years ago I was with Kaiser and went to see an ob/gyn about weight gain, some extra hair, acne, etc, irregular periods. Was diagnosed with PCOS due to a high level of LH (leutinzing hormone). Was put on Metformin. Took it for awhile but went off it because it made me sick. At that time I had normal fasting glucose levels.

This year, I got Bell’s Palsy, which was traumatizing enough. I had a whole battery of tests done, including fasting glucose, and insulin level which hadn’t been tested before. The glucose levels put me in the Pre-Diabetes range, however my insulin levels are high. I am very scared right now. I feel like my body is just out of control. I probably have diabetes, my cholesterol is through the roof, I’m overweight, and I have PCOS.

I’m so confused, I know weight loss is key, but with insulin resistance, it’s almost impossible. Am I destined to never have children or be diabetic, or acquire some other illness that comes with being a diabetic and having high cholesterol. I’m still reeling from Bell’s Palsy (paralysis of half of your face caused by inflammation). THe paralysis is almost gone, but I’m still scared it will come back.

I’ve gone off BC because I’m trying to get my cholesterol and blood pressure under control and I’m curious if I’ll get a period without it. I used to get periods, but they were always weird, like every 30 days, give or take 5 days.

Trying to relax, maintain good grades, and figure out what the heck is going on with my body and how/if I can fix it.

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