I just want everyone to know how awesome the Low Glycemic Index diet has been. I’ve been on it for 5 weeks, and I’ve lost 8lbs.

I’m still eating fatty foods – I know I shouldn’t, but I need something to keep me on this diet – well, more like lifestyle change. I was never a really bad eater – I usually took the organic or whole grain option and didn’t eat a lot of chips or high carb stuff. My major hangup was sugar.

I would eat a couple of yogurt cups each day – those have tons of sugar in them. (try plain yogurt wth a sugar substitute and fresh fruit) I would try to eat whole grain muffings – also tons of sugar – but would slip up every few days and eat something sweet and bad. I was a bit of a candy/sweets grazer at work tho.

So I’ve cut out almost all refined sugars and only eat whole grains – fiber one or all bran cereals really aren’t that bad with a ton of berries on it. When I need sugar for my coffee or other things, I use erythritol which is a sugar alcohol. It doesn’t have any stomach side effects and doesn’t taste weird.

I am a major sugar substitute hater, so if I say it doesn’t have a weird flavor or aftertaste, it truly doesn’t. It’s not as sweet as sugar and doesn’t dissolve very well, but it’s worth it.

My saving grace is these eskimo pie dark chocolate covered ice cream bars that say “no sugar added”. They’re 150 calories and they honestly taste like the real thing. I usually eat one a day to curb the sugar cravings. And the vitamin water 10 drinks are pretty decent – especially with a little vodka

The first few days of my diet change were hellish. I wanted sugar so badly, but then I think my insulin level started to drop, and now I only have occasional cravings.

I will still slip up at birthday parties and have a small piece of cake and allow myself very very few chips at barbeques, but I skip the bun and get to eat all the meats I want.

The key is label reading and learning what foods have a low GI.

I found out the 2-3 bananas I would eat every day is a huge no no, but most fruits are fine. As long as you are pairing everything with a protein, you are counteracting some of the blood sugar spike.

I am so happy to finally know what is wrong and to be able to make it on this diet change. I work at an animal hospital, and we treat a lot of diabetic animals. I know how sick they are, and I’m not going to let myself get that way because I crave sugar. It’s not worth it, and I feel so much better now!

So get educated on the low glycemic index diet – it is the only thing that works and is not too difficult to maintain. And remembering that eventually this weight will kill you is a great not to subtle reminder.

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